Kazuyoshi Miura: Japanese striker signs new deal at 50

In November we looked back at the career of the oldest goalscorer in professional football Kazuyoshi Miura, we now look at him again in the week he signed yet another professional contract.

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Miura who turns 51 in February signed a year extension to his contract at Yokohama FC in the J League 2. This will mean that he will go into a record 33rd season as a professional footballer.

To put this into perspective Ryan Giggs played 14 professional seasons and played till he was 40 and is seen as a veteran of the game in the UK.

Upon signing this contract Miura was quoted as saying, "I will always play my heart out and hope to continue to grow (as a player)," for a 50-year-old to still have the hunger to grow as a footballer is very impressive indeed if you ask me. 

Miura may not play at the highest level but to play professional football into your 52nd year alive is amazing if you ask me. As a 30-year-old myself if I can just run for 90 minutes at all at 51 I will be very happy indeed. 

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