Gareth Bale to China?

Gareth Bale looks set to leave Real Madrid in the summer and the rumours have been spreading like wild fire where he will end up. The most popular destination seems to be Man United or others have suggested a move back to Spurs with Harry Kane moving the other way.

Although as you might of guessed he is also now being linked with a move to China. It's been reported in the press this week that Guangzhou Evergrande of China, the countries richest club would be willing to part with £85 million for his services.

With a £85 million asking price thought to of being asked for from Real Madrid. Which is a huge fee when you see how little he's played in the last 12 months due to injuries. However Fabio Cannavaro the Guangzhou Evergrande boss does not seem bothered by this or the price tag.

However the price tag and the injuries for Gareth Bale may well put other clubs off so I would not say it is out of the question that Bale could head East.

Bale who cost Real Madrid £80 million back in 2013 it's hard to argue is worth £85 million at present but we all know at the top level the price of a player is what the club is willing to spend and not what they are worth.

The idea of Gareth Bale going to China seems farfetched but I wouldn’t bet against it and with Wales heading to China in March maybe the Chinese will try and persuade him this move is right for him. As a Wales fan am not sure how I feel about this news but if it gets him playing more and scoring then maybe it could work for him, even if it’s a big commute for internationals.

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