Football and Ski-Jumping Combined

It could just be me but I love a good football stadium with character. From the old football terrace which holds only a few hundred and you can stand their while having a beer or those grounds where you’re close to the pitch and can hear the players shouts. Also the stands with character and an unusual element they may have are always fun. 

Gangwon FC win the prize for the most unique stadium as the K League Classic (South Korea second tier), they might have finished an uninspiring 6th place last season but their stadium very much inspires.

The Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium situated in Pyeongchang with an 11,000 capacity hosted games for Gangwon FC last season. It was you guessed it, originally built for ski jumping. It will host Ski Jumping events at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics next month also. 

The Ski Jumping Stadium was only used by the club however for part of last season while they played their remaining games in the not quite as unique Chuncheon Songam Stadium. With the stadium being out of town for the fans the club did run buses to games but had crowds of under 2,000 at games while at the Chuncheon Songam Stadium their crowds went around the 4,000 mark. 

Part of the reason for the low crowds could also be to do with the stadium being 700 meters above sea level and with average summer temperatures of only around 21 degrees. 

Asia is no stranger to weird and wonderful grounds also, as Japan hosted the first World Cup game to be played indoors in 2002.

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