Carlos Tevez - The best paid holiday

Carlos Tevez what can you say about this man, his career at no point has been quiet. This is a man who was introduced to European football with what was seen by many as an illegal transfer. From then on you knew it just wouldn't be quiet when it came to Tevez. 

The time in which this man spent in China was also not quiet and it was full of yet more controversy. For those still catching up this week it was announced that Carlos Tevez cut his stay short in China and returned to Boca Juniors. It seems this is the only place he feels at home and is relaxed enough to play football. 

Moving away from the complexity of the man, it is worth remembering he was paid £650,000 a-week making him comfortably the best-paid footballer. While at Shanghai Greenland he managed 4 goals in 16 games and helped his side to 11th place in the Chinese Super League. It is clear he was not even worth a tenth of his wage in China before you even take a closer look at his performances. A lot of his season in China he was told he was overweight and often played the game at a walking speed letting most of the play pass him by.

Moving on from this he returned to Argentina this week and the quote that stands out from him on his return to his homeland is this when asked about fitness issues, 'It's fine because I was on holiday for seven months.' he then added 'When I landed in China, I wanted to return to Boca.' 

After this, he went on to say the coaches can criticise him but he doesn't know what he was doing in China. While it is well and good saying you don't fit at a club or you are homesick this is a man who made over £33 million in his spell in China. Am sure we all wish we could have a holiday like that.  

While I don't think anyone can disagree that Carlos Tevez was terrible for football in China and that the money he made while not even trying is shocking, lessons will be learnt. One way they have looked to stop this happening again is the Chinese Super League now have a 100% tax on any foreign imports to the league which am sure will slow down the chance of big players like this coming to China again. 

The league in China might not be as competitive as top leagues in Europe or South America. However, it was not a holiday for Tevez because the football was easy it was a holiday because he did not care or try. He will not be missed in China and hopefully, this lesson has taught the clubs in China spending big will not just bring instant success.  

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