Beijing Guoan’s Bakambu Transfer Tax Dodge

It has now become clear how Beijing Guoan intend to avoid paying the Bakambu tax, a third party has supposedly paid the €40 million transfer fee to Villareal; essentially making him a free agent which then enables  Guoan to sign him on a ‘free’ transfer. This is a direct challenge to the Chinese Football Associations (CFA) new rule that states if a club spends over £5.2 Million on a ‘foreign import’ transfer they have to pay an equal amount to the CFA which will go into a development fund.

As the transfer is €40 million that means that Beijing Guoan is trying to find a way to avoid paying the CFA somewhere in the region of £35 million. The CFA has declared that they will be watching closely to make sure no clubs flout the rule after Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evangrande were reported with interest in making big money transfer deals for players incoming from Europe; namely Cedric Bakambu and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang respectively.

When Beijing Guoan was asked what is happening with the transfer they stated that Bakambu has left Villareal due to personal reasons as reported in the South China Morning Post article here. It’s obvious they know what’s going on, and they know exactly what they are doing, as they attempt to circumnavigate the rules implemented by the CFA to try and enforce Chinese clubs to cut back on flushing away buckets upon buckets of RMB on foreign imports. This is an evident attempt by the CFA to improve Chinese national players, albeit no one has the ability to see if they can implement the program successfully. Just because they’ve installed a rule saying the money is going to a player development fund, it means nought if they can’t use that money wisely or worse still if they start syphoning a bit from the top which wouldn’t be too difficult with that amount.

It is going to be interesting to see if the CFA manage to punish clubs who break the rules, even they succeed in doing it by finding loopholes or will they allow the transfers like what happened with PSG signing Kylian Mbappe and Neymar in the same season but declaring Mbappe is only on loan and will move permanently the season after. This intentional move was to avoid financial fair play rules put in place by Uefa. Teams should be punished by being banned from the Champions league then they would abide by Financial Fair Play rules, but as to be expected Uefa won’t want to boot its own teeth out by losing one of its cash cow teams which would affect the huge profits flowing into the organisation's coffers.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by the Chinese Super League clubs regarding the CFA’s new player tax rule. Will they manage to force clubs to abide by it even if they’re actively seeking loopholes as a way around it or will they accept the loophole and show the world they’re as weak as Uefa when it comes to punishing teams?  

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