Kim Shin-Wook the South Korean Peter Crouch

South Korea defeated Japan 4-1 in the EAFF (East Asian Football Federation) championship to finish as eventual champions at the event based in Tokyo. We have decided to assess the goal scorers from this game.

First we will take a look at Kim Shinwook on the basis that he was the only player to bag two goals. 6ft 6in Kim started as a youth player at the private Chung An University located in Seoul. Most likely due to his height he was trained and utilised as a central defender while playing in youth teams which would make sense for a youth coach especially as he was most likely taller the majority of his peers.

He played 218 times for Ulsan Hyundai and scored 81 times, which is close enough to scoring 1 goal every 2 games. No matter what league you’re playing in, those stats are very good. This is obviously what attracted Jeonbuk Hyundai to sign him. Since moving to Jeonbuk his stats have become less impressive scoring 17 in 66 appearances. It has been rumoured on Twitter that he has generated interest from Chinese Clubs.

Devout Christian Kim may have a name that western football fans may think is more wookie than footballer however he has a strong resemblance to Peter Crouch’s style of play. A tall beanpole striker who seemingly scores headed goals for fun if his highlights reel is anything to go by, however he isn’t all about size and head. Deceptively in possession of exquisite technique means he doesn’t need to rely on his height, or heading ability alone and is capable of scoring more clinical goals which are more accustomed with the kind of striker described as a poacher.

For South Korea however he hasn’t managed to maintain any kind of scoring consistency and his stats for the national team are pretty bad compared to those for his club. In 41 appearances he has only managed 6 goals. It will be interesting to see if he manages to get into the squad for the World Cup, and if he does what kind of role he will play in the team / squad.

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