Lippi Announces China to Bid for 2030 World Cup

Current Chinese national team manager Marcello Lippi stated in a press conference over the weekend that the Chinese FA will be bidding to host the 2030 World Cup. Normally this wouldn’t have been possible under current rules as FIFA state a Continent must skip hosting the next two tournaments before they can bid to host it again. FIFA however are proposing to tack a statement on the end of this rule which allows them to circumvent it, the change is as follows:

'If circumstances require', original time frame can be ignored.

Normally under regular circumstances China wouldn’t be permitted to bid, but due to this sentence tacked at the end of the rule; there now looks to be a high chance of China winning the bid. That would mean two World Cups held in Asia in the space of 8 years if the Chinese bid turns out to be successful.

Asian World Cups would be held in Qatar (2022) and China (2030); FIFA doesn’t exactly have the best track record currently of selecting a host nation. Russia and Qatar both have terrible human rights records, add China into the mix and it becomes clear to anyone with even a smidgen of interest in football that FIFA doesn’t have any semblance of a moral compass.

If China do want the World Cup in 2030 and put forward a bid proposal then I doubt any other hosting country bidding will stand a chance. Precedent has already been set with Qatar winning the right to host the event in 2022, and to some degree Russia in 2018. With the money that is thrown around in China FIFA will be attracted to it like a moth to a flame with China happily greasing FIFA’s palms to get the hosting rights to the World Cup.

Chinese companies have already begun agreeing huge sponsor deals with FIFA to make sure they have a certain power of influence which can be used when the time arrives for the bidding process. Wanda Real Estate group have agreed sponsorship up until 2030 which aligns exactly at the point where their previously bought influence of power will sway negotiations and prove to FIFA what could be attained for them financially by taking the World Cup to China.

China are certainly capable of hosting, and putting on a great World Cup but the choice of host countries for the next two World Cups haven’t been greeted with pandemonium, if China is successful it would most likely have the same distaste as when Qatar and Russia were announced with FIFA clearly chasing the moolah. 

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