Korean Football and Niall McGinn

Korean Football and Niall McGinn do not seem to mix it would seem, as a key follower of football in East Asia and Scotland, this story was one that interested me. If you don't know anything about Niall McGinn, he is a Northern Irish international midfielder who played for Aberdeen for five seasons before leaving this summer for South Korea to play for Gwangju.

It was then announced on the 16th of November, after just missing out on the World Cup with his county and only four starts for his club and no goals, he would be leaving. The Korean league is now over, so he did not leave mid-season, but what is interesting is the trend of foreign players going over to play in Asia and not making the grade. McGinn had said back in September when talking about the missile threat from North Korea: "Others are maybe discussing it but I do not speak the language so I am none the wiser," said the 30-year-old."I am a level-headed lad and will not get things out of proportion."He added: "I have been aware of it watching TV since coming home for the internationals but I am looking to get back and into the swing of things." it would seem however he did let it get to him, as he leaves the club. 

There could be many reasons why players come over to Asia and not make it, be it the culture, the style of football or new training facilities, and I am sure McGinn will not be the last. However, what this tells you about McGinn or the K League would be hard to know, as Niall McGinn has not said anything on the subject since leaving Korea. With a host of teams after him, however, it would seem people still think he can play, and it maybe wasn't the football that stood in his way in South Korea. 

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