China – Germany Football Cooperation or Money Grab?

There was a big hurrah this summer when German soccer coaches from world famous clubs such as Bayern Munich were heading to China to teach football summer camps, and to set up schools around the country.

Since then a lot of other big clubs have jumped on the bandwagon such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona amongst many others, some of them do their own thing; while others come to agreements with certain Chinese clubs.

According to the blurb from various news articles, the German coaches are looking to set up a similar system to the one currently used in Germany, where a percentage of a clubs profit is then funneled back into a team’s youth system or infrastructure.

This has been hailed as what will push China to another level on the international stage, well let’s just say I’m sceptical that this is going to happen. All these famous clubs can see how much money is being pumped around Chinese football now, and they want their bite of the cherry also.

By setting up summer football camps – some for one week only – with the ‘mega’ clubs advertising, branding and coaches (they’ll be qualified but there’s no mention of what level)this allows the clubs to charge whatever prices they wish per attendee, and often they are very high compared to local salaries. In some specific cases clubs even sell imaging rights to local schools or clubs, who then employ their own coaches to teach the classes. This is similar to big companies tax fraud or fleecing someone, as it’s advertised as Bayern Munich’s summer camp but really it’s a local club with their own coaches – the false advertising massive!

The only way China will improve their national team, is by training their own coaches. They still haven’t learnt that bringing in ‘superstar’ players won’t improve their national team as the Premier League is finding out, and they’ll soon realise enticing foreign football schools, and their coaches for a week a year won’t help either.

So the question is this; is the cooperation between Germany and China going to be beneficial and help China improve their national team or is this just another money grab by the richest and greediest clubs in world football?

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