A Tibetan Football club, Oxygen Breaks and the Influence of President Xi

So has anyone ever heard of an oxygen break at a football game? No, I haven’t either. That is now what has been put in place at Chinese club Lhasa Chengtou who were recently promoted to the third division.

Now technically Lhasa Chengtou aren’t a Chinese club, they’re Tibetan and are based in the capital city Lhasa with their Modern Cultural and Sports Centre stadium (yes that’s the stadium name) being 3658 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest in the world.

The CFA (Chinese Football Association) eventually allowed the games to be played in Lhasa as long as the Tibetan club made sure there were oxygen breaks every 15 minutes and that there will be sufficient amounts of oxygen available for players of both teams under the agreement with the CFA. This is one thing I never thought I would read about being at the football. If catches on, maybe the South Americans will demand it to be put in place for games in La Paz and Quito.

There are plans to ramp up football development even more in Tibet, which has led people to believe that Chinese President Xi Jinping is using football to further pacify Tibetans and softly show the world that Tibet really is a part of China.

Would a successful Tibetan team playing in the Chinese super league help Xi Jingping achieve these aims or will the world not be fooled by Chinas soft takeover similar to their antics in Africa and still remember that Tibet is its own country with its own distinctive is culture, traditions and ethnicity.  

The original article I read can be found here.

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